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Date: Tue, 16 Mar 2004 14:28:09 GMT

In message <c36qm2+bopp_at_...> "Jane Williams" writes:

>Just had a nasty practical thought - we know roughly how Orlanthi
>deal with funerals, and it's fairly elaborate. How do they cope with
>deaths on the scale we're talking about here? I can't see them
>leaving the bodies to rot. Huge funeral pyres?

There are two ways the deal with bodies in quantity, mass graves or large funeral pyres. The latter seem more appropriate for Orlanthi while the Lunars will probably use whichever's quickest unless someone insists on their own rituals.

>How do each side deal with each others dead? Will using the "wrong"
>ceremonies cause ghostly problems in the future?

I would imagine they have rituals which prevent or obstruct enemy dead following their normal path in the afterlife. The Lunars certainly don't want more Orlanthi joining Orlanth in his stead. So there might well be attempts by both sides to ensure the dead are liberated from where their eneimies have sent them.

Donald Oddy

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