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From: Jeff Richard <richj_at_...>
Date: Wed, 17 Mar 2004 12:01:00 -0800

> > There is one Earth Priestess ready-made for this siege: Beneva
Chan, the
> > wife of exiled king Kallai Rockbuster. She's was supposedly the
> > greatest Ernaladan Priestess in Sartar at the time of the
> Agreed

Cool. Beneva Chan is a very significant NPC in my Colymar campaign - and much of the reason that Kallai Rockbuster was considered "senior" king of the Sartarites.

> > She left Colymar lands following Starbrow's Rebellion (along with
> > Kallai). She'd be about 60 years old at the time of WW and she
> "Sartar High Council" describes her as middle ages women. Maybe
"middle aged"
> is different for you than for me.
> But if we assume that heortling women are consided adults with
initiation (12
> to 15 years old?), and that they die at about 65 years, a middle aged
> is 40.

For genealogical reasons, it is important in my campaign that she be about ten years older than that. Unless it is very important that she be younger, I'd like to request she stay about 60.  

> > die during the siege if present. Oh, and better yet, she HATES
> > Which makes for some good plots and roleplaying opportunites.
> She dislikes Kallyr, yes, but does that mean that she HATES her?

She disliked Kallyr before the Rebellion. As a result of her fiasco, thousands are dead, her husband was exiled and died, the Colymar (her beloved tribe) are immersed in kinstrife, and the Lunars became more powerful than ever. I think she hates her. And I think it is MGF to have the senior priestess of Ernalda detest Kallyr Starbrow.

> > Maybe we have Kallai already dead (of heartbreak, following his
> Good idea, but can we "kill" a major character of Starbrows rebellion
> a heroic death?

I think we can and should. Not every great leader dies heroically.    


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