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>> (Question: *why* would they engage in combat before the gates? Why leave
>> the walls? I'd like them to, especially in the summer of 1620, but we need
>> rationales. To stop approaching siege engines?
>Hero challenges are the obvious, yes, but maybe we need more.

I think this is the only reason for fights in front of the gates.

>If new support arrives, how does it get in? Open the
>gates, ride out to support them?
>Raids to destroy specific Lunar objectives: supplies,
>sacred objects, people.

Until 1621 I think the Lunar blockade is pretty ineffectual, not enough troops trying to cover a lot of ways in and out. So there are lots of encounters outside the walls with people trying to sneak past guards, fight guards, raid the Lunar camp and anything else a narrator can think of. In return the Lunars try and sneak heros into the city to cause damage and disruption, clamp down on sympathisers who are feeding the rebels information or supplies.

>Don't we have a rather nasty breach in the walls that
>needs defending?

AFAICS there isn't anywhere a breech could be that's particularly vunerable until Tarkalor's Gate has fallen so the main fighting will be attempts to take or hold that gate. I think it should fall into Lunar hands at least once (possibly by treachery) with the defenders having to recapture it. I would suggest sometime in 1620 when the Orlanthi have plenty of warriors to do so because we want it in Orlanthi hands for 1621.

>Air-borne battles, where some people land/crash in the
>wrong place?

Sounds good. I'm wondering who is going to have air superiority, for most of the siege it would appear to be the Orlanthi as they have flying magic and storm magic to deny the air to the Lunars. So the best way of dealing with siege engines would be a sudden attack by flyers.

Donald Oddy

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