Winds, winds and more Winds

From: Oliver D. Bernuetz <bernuetz_at_...>
Date: Fri, 19 Mar 2004 17:29:30 -0000

Hi there,

This is all shapping up to be very cool. High drama at its best. I have some suggestions.

John mentions gathering six winds. Apparently there are 7 winds in Dragon Pass so they should all be involved. I have a suggestion which may help the MGF.

What if when the Bat is approaching Broyan decides to summon as many winds as possible...and it gets out of hand. Everyone and their dog, err cat rushes off to gather winds from various sources. (This gives PC groups a chance to dash off to get the winds they know or are asked for). There's the main wind Broyan and crew summons but other groups summon winds as well.

Various Helerings summon lightning, driving rain and storm (good way to blind and confuse giant bats).

Uroxi summon Urox's wind.

Kolatings summon spirit winds.

Etc. etc.,

This all ends up in one hell of a storm to unleash against the Bat and that helps the Lunars to decide that Orlanth himself must be at Whitewall so it changes the nature of the seige. (Plus the winds are somewhat tied to the WW area for a while making them more vulnerable to future Lunar attempts to bind them).

So basically the defenders end up with a Storm that's the equal to the Bat's destructive power (in fact way bigger than they expected or needed). In no way of course do I want to suggest that the storm offs the Bat but it helps to drive off the Lunar army. The heroes still need to get up on that Bat and get physical.

The aftermath of such a storm and the Bat itself must have devasted the area. Probably a contributing effect to the troubles the defenders have afterwards.


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