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Date: Sun, 21 Mar 2004 00:55:34 GMT

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>Resorting to the use of the Bat at Whitewall *could* mean somebody
>outside the normal military decision-making process has forced something
>unwelcome upon the Army.

Jorkandros seems to suffer this sort of thing quite a bit, he's the guy in charge on the ground yet he gets lumbered with plans made by others and then gets blamed when they don't work out. Of course the reason the Bat's sent to WW may be more to do with someone not wanting it on their patch than a positive decision to use it. I can imagine a collective sigh of relief when people realise that for a few years at least they don't have to find excuses for not hosting it.

In more general terms I don't think Jorkandros has much say in the matter. I see the chief priestess of the Bat sending a message to tell him that they've come to sort out his little problem and would he just make sure the Bat isn't distracted by his army. He will then spend a lot of time agonising about how close to WW he can keep his troops without losing too many. And then things go far more wrong than he had dreamt.

In that context there's also the issue of community support for the Bat. While I think the Lunar priestesses would go round drumming up what support they could I think a lot of troops would be very dubious. Some, such as any Heortlings, could even be antagonistic "Broyan may be our enemy but he doesn't deserve to be swallowed by chaos".

Donald Oddy

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