Re: Retrofitting Fimbulwinter into KoS

From: Ian Cooper <ian_hammond_cooper_at_...>
Date: Sat, 27 Mar 2004 13:40:31 -0000

I'm not planning on cross-posting to the digest but feel free to quote there if you need to.

I think that kallyr's LBQ is actually a 'practice' HeroQuest - the ritual that takes place in the Middle world. Note that Kallyr refers to it as ritual on her return.

All Heortling leaders know this quest because they do it every sacred time (see Thunder Rebels - Lightbringer Day). The ritual takes 7 days and the leaders return with the spring on return day. Kallyr's ritual takes 7 days and she returns with Voria the spring. Kallyr is solving the problem of our god is dead and our goddess is sleeping by perfoming the ritual the clans perform every sacred time when thier god is dead and our their goddess is sleeping. Note that no one tries it in Sacred Time according to OiD, but they do decide the time for the fight. Presumably the rebel leaders delay to gather strength for performing the annual Lightbringer's Quest.

There are no repeat problems with Practice Quests.

It is possible that the stationary Lightbingers Quest mentioned in KoS is also a ritual (i.e. it is stationary because you do not go to the Otherworld) and it other includes more elements or the 14 day figure quoted in KoS is in error.

By the way, Ashart could easily die of heat in 1621. We know nothing canonically about how hot that summer was. Whitewall falls in the winter. The summer of 1622 is affected by Fimbulwinter not the summer of 1621. But it might be worth having a hot summer of 1621 written in to our Whitewall deliberations.

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