RE: Betrayal of Count Lukus

From: Jane Williams <janewilliams20_at_...>
Date: Sun, 28 Mar 2004 17:43:07 +0100 (BST)

> I don't have a good feel for Count Lukus. Let's
> assume Sun County was
> founded in the 1560s and Monrogh was born circa 1520
> (like Tarkalor)

I think it was earlier than that, wasn't it? Checking KoS 196ish...

Tarkalor hits the Kitori, founds Volsaxi and Sun County at an unspecified date, but when Saronil was "very old or already dead". He died in 1550, I believe.

Then Monrogh went and found Yelmalio. Once he'd got back and made himself popular, he organised a party under Varthanis Brighthelm to go with Dorasar to found Pavis: and they arrived in 1550.

According to the Secret History, Tarkalor and a party including Monrogh had passed through Praxian Sun County in 1537 on their way back from Teshnos. Tarkalor was doing the "young adventurer" thing, Monrogh seems to have been older and wiser.

> Assuming that is correct and
> that Count Lukus is
> around fifty, then he'd remember Monrogh from his
> youth.

Your later dates could still work, but I think Monrogh is about 10 years older than your estimate.   

Monrogh born around 1510.
Sun County founded in late 1540s.
Young Varthanis sent off to Foreign Parts in 1550, Monrogh being around 40.
If Count Lukus is "now" (1620s) around 50, he was born around 1580, when Monrogh would have been 70.

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