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Date: Tue, 30 Mar 2004 20:25:12 GMT

In message <3481.> "Joerg Baumgartner" writes:

>Probably. The Lunar camp on the Plateau would then be nested between
>Caughtarrow and the hillside, controlling that access? Grudni's Ginnel and
>the stairs would become the rebel trails up?

That's right.

>Space for 10,000 should be a bit larger, but my home city Kiel had a
>constant population of 3000 to 4000 on a peninsula just 900 metres in
>diametre all the time between 1250 and 1850. The ring wall of Hedeby with
>about 1000 metres radius housed some 7,000 at max, but this included
>gardens and pasture inside. The walled city of Caernarfon you might have
>encountered as "City of Carse" by Chaosium/Midkemia Productions) has maybe
>500 metres from castle to opposite wall.

I'm reasonably familiar with Caernarfon and I'm struggling to imagine several thousand people living within the walls. Certainly today most of the population live outside them and I think there are fewer people now than there were in the 19th Century.

I'm beginning to think this figure of 10,000 for Whitewall is just exaggerated, maybe by as much as tenfold. The area is going to struggle to support a city of one or two thousand people and there's just nothing to bring enough trade from outside.

Donald Oddy

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