Re: Saint Gerlant

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Date: Sun, 11 Apr 2004 12:08:35 GMT

In message <7434365B6A44284B854296835B89C6E7020998_at_...> "Jeff Richard" writes:
>My vote is for it to be associated with the AoT. I doubt there was a good
>reason for it to be located at Whitewall in the first place.

Checking the HQ write up for Saint Gerlant (pg 170) it gives the homelands as Esrolia, *Esvular*, Seshnela and on the previous page says he is recognised by most churches who each have their own order. That indicates to me that he's recognised by the Aeolian Church which makes rather more sense in WW than one of the others. Particularly if the shrine has been there a long time.

Donald Oddy

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