RE: Re: a tearful wedding

From: Jane Williams <janewilliams20_at_...>
Date: Thu, 22 Apr 2004 08:16:30 +0100

> Chris wrote:
> > I've always been facinated by the middle eastern
> > notion that a man has an obligation to marry his
> > widowed sister-in-law. ..

> Oh boy, yes! This could be one of those backward/inbred 'Triaty'
> arrangements, from "King of Sartar" p.254 etc. That would fit the
> Volsaxi/Vingkotling retro feel (i.e. rejectionist uber-Orlanthi
> hillbillies) to a 'T'.

FWIW, I've had this sort of arrangement going on within the Sartar Royal House. And it'll give you commentary of a rather biased sort from Kallyr, if she's still around for this scene.

Class, pull out your KoS and turn to page 48... Oh, can't be bothered? OK then.

Loricon, son of Rastoron, son of Jarolar. (AKA Kallyr's dad, but that comes later.)
There are two Loricon's on the family tree, both same generation. My theory is that they're the same guy.
Rastoron died with his father at Dwarf Ford. He left a wife and a very young son. His slightly younger cousin Terasarin, who hadn't been allowed to go to the battle and so was still alive, then married the wife (Hindala) and adopted the son. So we get four children for Terasarin, of whom Loricon is the oldest.
(Loricon then married out of the Royal House and into the Kheldon, pissing off his foster-father no end, but that's another story).

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