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Date: Thu, 22 Apr 2004 22:44:20 GMT

In message <000001c428a9$989b38b0$0302a8c0_at_master> "Jane Williams" writes:
>> I've tried to bring some of the elements brought up in the weddings
>> discussion together.
>> It's a new page called The Lovers and recasts Roganvarth and Rana's
>> romance as a love triangle.
>Looks great, right up to thelast ine where I gte all confused.
>"Roganvarth and Ortossa recently married. Ortossa's step-mother-in-law is
>Scathach the Iron Shrew."
>So Scathach is Roganvarth's step-mother?
>And he's "Penterestsson", of the Leaping River clan?
>But Scathach is currently married to Broyan, so.... No good, I'm confused.
>Are you saying that Scathach *would* have been Roganvarth's step-mother if
>his father Penterest hadn't died and she hadn't married Broyan? So she was
>Penterest's second wife? We know she had two previous husbands, one called
>Enestakus, don't we?
>I think we need a diagram at this point!

Yes, that bit got me confused as well. I also wonder if we're tying the named characters too closely together. I know Orlanthi go in for complex relationships but there are several hundred people in WW and it seems a bit strange that the dozen we've mentioned so far are all related this closely.

The other thing I'd really like to include is the big scene where Rana walks in on the wedding party straight from fighting her way though the Lunars. Recently married doesn't quite have the same impact.

Good job of making sense of our ramblings though.

Donald Oddy

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