Re: **SPAM?** RE: What ever the weather...

From: Alex Ferguson <abf_at_...>
Date: Thu, 13 May 2004 17:53:14 +0100

On Tue, May 11, 2004 at 07:20:36AM +0100, Jane Williams wrote:
> > > (bewildered look) What happened to Huraya, then?
> >
> > It was never a separate cult, was it? So I imagine the
> > answer is, "nothing much".
> Separate cult I have no idea, but separate *being*, yes.

That's hardly well-defined at the best of times. Are any of the Thunder Brothers 'separate beings' from Orlanth? I thought you were asking a rules question, not a cosmological one.  

> > As I said, my initial guess would have been it corresponds to
> > Daylanus,
> So a female water spirit has become a male god???

Gender mutability seems to be a 'feature' of water deities. But this is neither here or there, all I'm saying is which sub-cult _of Orlanth_ a similar power is ascribed to, as (not very) distinct from RQ's ascribing it it Orlanth (Adventurous) in general.  

> > though perhaps it would be closer to it to say they
> > were each a different sub-cult unto themselves (e.g. the
> > Lightning Spear is now the entire Yavor cult).
> Oh, sub-cult, hero-cult, associated cult - that's all rules constructs
> anyway.

... which is what you were asking about, no?  

> > I assume Vinga being any sort of explicit variant in such
> > respects was never 'official' anyway.
> "official"???? Yeah, very funny. Vinga was during the decade or so when the
> only "official" output was Ento-wotsit and other unreadability. And in any
> case, the "variant" was only in terms of how she got to have a deal with
> Huraya, not where the Scarf was from.

So 'they get it from the same place (male) Orlanth worshippers do' ought not to cause any more than usual levels of Gregging collateral damage, I'd have thought.

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