RE: Re: Trickster magic

From: Jane Williams <janewilliams20_at_...>
Date: Tue, 6 Jul 2004 18:01:23 +0100

> My memory of KOS is that Kallyr had three tricksters, all named
> Elusu. I am assuming that they are all the "same" person, but went
> through life (and name) changing experiences.

Only if you think KoS *really* mixed people up. "Argrath" has four tricksters listed, three of them called Elusu. Kallyr has none mentioned, though since she did an (S)LBQ, obviously she had one.

Another theory would be that Tricksters pick themselves a new name, and "Elusu" is a standard one.

> How can Kallyr put up with a trickster for so long, especially in
> light of the two points noted above?

Good question. I should imagine a lot of people wonder that, including her.

> <speculation>Unknown to anyone, including herself, it is Kallyr's
> Starbrow crystal and related powers that support her relationship
> with the trickster. Her Brilliant Inspiration always manages to get
> Elusu to focus on something apparently valuable shortly before major
> rituals. When the time comes for the price to be paid, it is the
> focus of his lusts that is destroyed.</speculation>

It sounds good. Personally I don't see why a Rigsdal magical Widget should have any effect on Tricksters at all, but it sounds good. Still, re-reading sources in search of some justification, I find that the Humakt sub-cult of Rigsdal (ST p104) includes a myth where Rigsdal was the one who saw through Eurmals' illusion and spotted him sneaking onto the tula. Maybe her Rigsdal magic lets her see what he's up to faster than most people with Tricksters would manage, so she can keep him under tighter than normal control?

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