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Date: Sun, 1 Aug 2004 16:22:56 -0700

Fwiw, I am certain that Euglyptus was not a eunuch.

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> I must confess I couldn't think of an appropriate title...

This is someone to whom chunks of a job are delegated? "Rector" has this meaning, I think. And the "normal" functions associated with the word are so non-military that I don't think there would be any confusion that we might have really meant that instead.

> Geriatric Eunuch Army commander!

An interesting model to borrow, I agree.

> I wonder whether Euglyptus
> the Fat might have been a Eunuch?

If he is, it's going to completely wreck a possible story (still very much in tentative/draft mode, though). By all means have this as a rumour. That would fit nicely. But as hard fact - no, please not.

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