RE: Tatius

From: Jane Williams <janewilliams20_at_...>
Date: Mon, 11 Oct 2004 07:58:10 +0100

> >Yes, it looks as if Tatius came in before the end of 1619, and it's
> >implied that this was as a direct result of the failure of
> the Bat. I'm
> >not sure how long it would take for the news of the BatBlat to reach
> >Lunar Command and for them (whoever this is?) to send Tatius out?
> Unless Jorkandros delayed sending a message, it's about as long as it
> takes a Moonboat to reach Glamour.

I'm sure *someone* would send a message! Intelligence agents? Surely not :)

> I think the Assiday family would
> have jumped at the opportunity to get Tatius appointed so I
> think it would have been fairly quick.


> For him to actually
> arrive at WW would then depend on how long it took him to get
> his personal troops and
> anything else he needed down there. I don't think he actually
> arrived at WW before 1620.

Good point! So we'd have a period when Jokandros knew he was going to be replaced (And so did all his subordinates), but the replacement hadn't yet arrived. Poor sod :( And we thought the Orlanthi had leadership issues in this period!

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