Re: Where does everyone live?

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Date: Fri, 22 Oct 2004 19:02:41 GMT

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>Also, who *controls* who stays where? Scathach? Better not get on
>the wrong side of her, then. But she's only been Broyan's wife for a
>few years at most - who made those decisions before that? And how
>many of them are things she'd like to change if she could? (Kallyr's
>vanished for another season? fine, while she's away we'll just move
>her out to Shambleshur, we need the space...)

I would think that prior to the siege the few people present were rattling around in the city - apart from a few places which belonged to certain people and clans by tradition if you wanted somewhere to stay you found an empty building and took it over. That of course falls down when the population rises at the start of the siege and someone (quite possibly Scathach) gets the job of sorting it out. What's more after getting it all sorted out in 1619 everyone will have to squash up in 1620 when the response to the the Blue Arrow arrives.

Given that these people are Orlanthi I don't think it's the crush that'll upset them, more the perceived status of the place they are compared to that of other groups.

Donald Oddy

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