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From: Rob <robert_m_davis_at_...>
Date: Wed, 01 Jun 2005 18:52:12 -0000


The effect started sometime after the time of the summons of evil. I figured that Tatius had done that thing where you identify a person in your Heroquest, and he had done Broyan. I also figured that it was somekind of corruption of the Summons of Evil, as the Lunars had changed how it worked by experimental Heroquesting. Was that a feature of the ritual for this particular Temple? Maybe. Anyhoo, once Tatius hear's the Bat is on the way he figures that its in the bag and that pretty soon he will get to layout the site for the temple and begin construction of the Temple. THe project is already in delay, but Tatius and his people have been working on a special construction programme which should see the final temple commissioned much quicker than his opponents imagine. However, the ritual side effects for THIS temple (a super temple) are strange and unusual. Orlanth is summoned to Whitewall and appears above the city. The storm gods proximity has the unusual side effect of affecting the Orlanthi magic in the way described. This ultimately responsible for making the city virtually impregnable for the duration of the seige, an accounts for the massive build up and resources expended on what should really be a fairly insignificant location. We already know that Whitewall is off the beaten track. In many ways, keeping Broyan and many of the top rebels holed up in one place makes perfect strategic sense - thats why I started to develop my theory based on hints and rumours gathered from KoDP and the lists and published works. Anyway, once Whitewall falls, all Orlanthi magic dies, and the cloud above Whitewall enters like a stasis. After the effect ends the cloud dissapates and the magic potency of Orlanthi in and around Whitewall returns to normal.

Sorry if that rambles a bit. But thats how I have it.


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