Re: Hi, I see there is an upcoming WW book

From: Ian Cooper <ian_hammond_cooper_at_...>
Date: Mon, 29 Jun 2009 11:51:59 -0000

> Yes, but I would query whether it was more 'fun' thus desirable.
Subjective I'm afraid so we can't argue it and reach anything useful.

> I hadn't really though about the emergence of the Aeolians as the distinct culture [expalantion] that gave [parts of] Heortland its western flavour. <

Not quite. The Aeolians are the 'Western' culture who rise under the Pharoah and whose influence causes the traditionalists under Broyan to fight back. Rikard is really a seperate strand.

> I guess the thing is Ian is the seeming constant revision of perfectly acceptable existing material.<

The Aeolians have been around since HQ1 at least and perhaps earlier. Other ideas such as the resettlement of Sartar have been around since RQ2, we just didn't know what much of the timeline there referred to.

> Case in point, Trotskies western stuff. I am pretty sure that the drafts have been out there for years, the fans want them but we get the feeling as they are not some peoples pet projects they just get pushed further and further back.<

That's a great conspiracy theory but it's just that. It bears no relation to what actually happened. But discussion of that is between Jamie and Moon Designs and not for gossip on this list. People seem to be making up a lot of fatuous nonsense and proclaiming it as truth. I think it says more about thier hang-ups than anything else. The fact that you believe that there is some attempt to 'silence' Trotsky or put him on the back-burner for vanity projects is pretty sad Rob.

>and then when it finally appears after hiatus after hiatus its just >a re-hack of the same stuff that,

Really? I got involved in that work because we needed to present how the dominant culture for most games worked in HQ2. I never realized my motives were to re-hack existing material. Thanks for pointing out my motivations. If only I knew how rubbish I was.

>did we need to regurgitate it for Heortland? I say not.
Well that's how Greg has always seen it so...

I think you are wrong on nearly every count here.

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