I ain't superstitious

From: Keith Nellist <keithnellist_at_coIjAkSpU9BnVbJZts4umEVOxezr3WqjTDWZo3lmKPmHyUU_iwleRjmbthQqysa>
Date: Thu, 22 Feb 2007 20:34:13 +1100

The World of GloranthaI would sugges that a feature of the more advanced Godlearners would be that they deduced somehow that a lot of 'superstitions' or practices either had no measurable effect and therefore ignored them (only to be proved wrong later on) or abused them (such as force marching their enemies under multiple ladders to curse them with bad luck).

A Godlearner might go around recording superstitions to see if there is any useful power to be derived from them, or testing them experimentally.


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