Re: Wenelians - a snippet from Trader Princes

From: bryan_thx <bethexton_at_W4VMo_nvX9mJf2Cp-SCl0OV5mpsKaZM898vBPP9o_grDTh0DMcsFsWcaUYb4ACCo7x>
Date: Thu, 12 Apr 2007 20:22:18 -0000

Yes, and recalling that not all 'survival' cults/activities are all that benign, there is certainly scope for all of your more horrific impulses too. There are bound to be knots of ogres, head-hunters, and less chaotic but still thoroughly unpleasant instances of cannibalism and human-sacrifice. In fact, given the poor soil, blood sacrifices for crops is almost certain in at least patches. By the time of Trader Princes the most extreme practices have mostly fallen out of use (they are often counter to long term health of the population), although there is still plenty of nastiness. But in the early years....not cheerful at all.


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