Re: Darksense carried by darkness, brilliant!

From: Jakob Pape <chaomancer_at_jdIBae4-l99jCFBglTI-vjwRDsxrXuHUjzQ0JsfaUhe5Bh2Ufc848DyE7ewTmyt21>
Date: Fri, 6 Jul 2007 10:59:41 +0100

On 7/6/07, rune.writer <> wrote:
> I just bought the MRQ Uz book, which is written from the POV of an EWF
> researcher (for the culture) and a God Learner (for the religions).
> The book states categorically that Darksense is sonar.
> From such POVs, darkness probably wouldn't be recognized as an
> element, and such statements would be an example of cultural bias.
> This, of course, makes for some interesting ways to mess with players
> who read the book and think it's all sonar.
> GM: "You're in a cave and you see a troll."
> PC: "Make lots of noise to confuse its sonar(Darksense)!"
> GM: "You bash a lot of pots and pans together. The troll throws a rock
> at your head with deadly accuracy."
> PC: "Eeurgh!" followed by a death rattle.
> Player: "WTF?"

Given that trolls have to cope with just as much noise as humans do in the environments they live in, even if Darksense is precisely equivalent to sonar, this wouldn't work. The amount of noise that humans can make can't overwhelm a troll's Darksense, or it would be pretty useless in a battle anyway.

To me, in any case, such an approach to confusing Darksense sounds very much like a troll coming across a mighty human warrior and thinking "Quick! Make lots of light to confuse it's sight!"

Which could be a funny encounter in game.

Jakob Pape

"Sometimes subtlety comes in the form of large explosions and jammed open
airlock doors."

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