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YGWV Quoting ttrotsky2 <>:

>> 1) What is up with the island of Guabelle off the south-west coast of
>> the Castle Coast? It doesn't seem to be part of the CC, but it seems
>> important enough to warrant a name on the few maps I've found online.
>> Ginorth doesn't even get named as often.
> It's the home of the centaur king, the closest thing the beastmen of
> the isles have to an overall ruler.

Having seen this quoted twice now, i will do my est to check my own sources before replying.

So, OBVIOUSLY, this is NOT one of he islands where humans live, as I said in an earlier post.

>> 4) Who controls the mines in the Iron Mountains? Mostali? Seshnela?
>> The Castle Coast? Arolanit? All of the above?
> The Mostali. Who, as we know, will only trade the stuff with humans at
> the city of Laurmal... which happens to have been ruined since the end
> of the Second Age.

But people live thee in the modern age, amidst the ruins of the once-great city. Probablyu in a walled off corner, because they want the iron, and the Mostali will not trade it ANYWHERE else.

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