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From: donald_at_r3tSTGzj76lAXTvesElKAmQ51AYKGVfgdI028y2lEFRUre4Uhf4ZuUM7aTIYDCyYxELRG
Date: Wed, 11 Jul 2007 20:39:16 GMT

In message <> Greg Stafford writes:
>> It's not even certain the Red Woman of Holay is Vinga. Some say they
>> are the same (ILH1 pg.54).
>In fact, some of us are pretty sure that she is NOT Vinga.
>> If you want some speculation based on little or nothing try this
>> for size:
>My my, YGDV
>where D = does.

Given the little that is published about the Red Woman cult it would be amazing if my speculation matched your ideas. I don't believe I've contradicted anything published though.

>An even kinkier variant (not in my Glorantha) is where Vinga = Sedenya!

This did occur to me but I felt it strained the fabric of myth a little to far.

Donald Oddy


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