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Date: Fri, 27 Jul 2007 00:15:51 GMT

In message <> "valkoharja" writes:
>I've been thinking some more on the generally encountered level of
>magic for Glorantha games.
>Player hero types tend to be at least competent magicians, and
>frequently are experts, but what about the magic a common sartarite
>clansman, a bandit or an imperial soldier can bring to bear?

Barbarian Adventures gives some typical opponents. They generally seem to have a similar level of magic to starting player characters.

>I'm wondering does the average bandit have some magic trick to use
>that makes him a more effiscient bandit? Does an outlaw band commonly
>have a wyter that grants them all some some magic oomph, and what do
>they do to gain this wyter? I guess if an outlaw band has a godtalker
>of Gagarth, or a shaman, then other bandits tend to have magic from
>that source (they are propably cut off from whatever they had before
>becoming outlaws).

I'm sure there are bandits who are initiates and maybe devotees of Gagarth and they'll get the benefit of affinities and feats. Equally I'm sure there are many bandits who don't and struggle along with common magic. As far as being cut off from other magic goes it will depend on exactly how they became outlaws. Someone formally outlawed by a clan will have their connection with Orlanth and Ernalda cut but probably not other gods. I'm not sure if that happens if they disappear from the clan before the outlawry ceremony. That may well be a means of keeping your magic. Someone outlawed by the tribe or for political reasons won't be cut off at all.

>Is the average person more likely to have higher physical skills than
>magic skills, and indeed mostly augment those physical skills with
>their magic. How unusual is the bandit or orlanthi fyrd member who
>actually fights with his/her "befuddle foe 19" rather than using a
>spear and shield?

As the HQ rules stand most people's magic is augment only so the use of magic on it's own is going to be pretty rare. I'd suggest anyone with magic useful in a fight will form up with the fyrd so among the ranks will be followers of Drogarsi, Kadone and the healing subcults of Ernalda. They are the ones who would be likely to use magic directly.

Donald Oddy


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