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>What was Sartar like? Was he dark or blonde? Did he have intense,
>gentle or parhaps a dreamy look? What characterises his bloodline?

I know this is important to you, but I just realized that the novel I'm reading has almost no physical description of the main character (about half way through, we learn that his hair is not yet grey). I'm pretty sure Shakespeare never described Hamlet's hair color. Icelandic sagas often describe characters, but it's almost always in terms of capabilities (like big and strong, not blue-eyed). There are actually good reasons *not* to over-describe. Obviously the noble Sartar looked much like me (or like my favorite actor).

If the description of a historical character matters in your story, make it up! I can't imagine that if it ever ends up in print, your whole campaign will be overturned. If you're really concerned you might get it wrong, it's easy to say, "Morstalor has Sartar's nose, and people say his gaze is much the same as Sartar's."


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