Re: Thief saints in Seshnela

From: samclau_at_Ge-TIo_UYmlu5V8dzi8wb4IEsjVGgijdwjUUies4NFqsiM87m9Dr1XwNugb5kVLu2HVV
Date: Mon, 07 Jan 2008 17:49:05 -0200

IMO, it'd be far more interesting to have a proper saint, say a beggar saint, who has been adopted by the criminal underclass. Give them all the magic and so on and have everyone deride them. If their magic works, there must be something to it, however wrong crime may seem in the order of things. That is the sort of open question which makes games fun (IMO) - make the thieves believe they are doing nothing wrong (in religious terms).

Have a look at St. Giles in London for that sort of connection (there is a better example but I can't place it):


> If nothing else, something analogous to St. Dismas, some poor
> caught up in Old Man Malkion's or Hrestol's deaths/executions. The
> *real* Node founder would have hidden his mundane identity behind
> more famous thief's name.

> Alternately, there could be a scout character (Viymorni "tribe",
> probably) who went bad, but not as bad as Vadel, and eventually
> to steal back what the Vadeli took, first, to undo his harm.

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