Thief saints in Seshnela

From: vesa.randelin <vesa.randelin_at_P0w33K7j5NfIgne8H5xZUrWOWpbZJ49lMx1oEGTa-kFoANRot5KEVWbVi2oyhA>
Date: Mon, 07 Jan 2008 11:29:01 -0000

Still on a west based subject.

Now that I have been planning to start a campaign in Seshnela. A thief campaign taking place in the Barony of Vogai, I have come to the point that I really need a saint for the thieves guild. Is there any suitable saint-cults for thieves in Seshnela region, or should I make my own?

If I am to make my own thief saint do you have any suggest about the backround of this saint? Should it be connected somehow to the other saints? Or can it be "independent" saint and not directly connected to any other saints so that the thieves guild still can gain the magic from the saint?

Hope you got my point :)


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