Re: Thief saints in Seshnela

From: vesa.randelin <vesa.randelin_at_erQzOiROK_139FkBRSyr8BjWEM-0vT_Pim2P648ZbqXBm-8rOQFACn4OPC7lVF>
Date: Mon, 07 Jan 2008 17:11:17 -0000

> My first reaction to this was, "there are no thief saints." I
> they'd be gods or spirits, something that would be working against
> Divine Order.
> Then I realized such certainly would be possible.
> It needs to be connected with the Otherworld. It could be a
> sorcerer, and not connected to any church.

I came to think this and wondered if the source for the thieves guild magic comes from a powerful sorcerer. The master thief, or the head of the guild actually is a powerful sorcerer, the source of the magic the thieves gain. Still the common thieves in the guild worship imaginary saint whom they believe to have lived centuries ago. So the head of the guild is actually this saint and only few know it.

This way it's a bit more "simple" than trying to figure how to add a real saint to the Rokari society. It also separates it from the church and is seen as herecy from the view of religious authorities.              

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