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Vesa Randelin:

> Now that I have been planning to start a campaign in Seshnela. A
> thief campaign taking place in the Barony of Vogai, I have come to
> the point that I really need a saint for the thieves guild. Is there
> any suitable saint-cults for thieves in Seshnela region, or should I
> make my own?

There's no specific saint for thieves in either LotW1 or LotW2 - although this does not imply that there would not be Guardian Essences that would be called saints, because surely there would be. And the cult of Lanbril (or, at least, what the God Learners would heve identified as the cult of Lanbril - it wouldn't call itself that, or acknowledge a relationship) is bound to be present in some form or another.

> If I am to make my own thief saint do you have any suggest about the
> backround of this saint? Should it be connected somehow to the other
> saints? Or can it be "independent" saint and not directly connected
> to any other saints so that the thieves guild still can gain the
> magic from the saint?

The Rokari don't approve of thieves, and they don't even approve *that* much of saints (hence the Icon War) so any saint that does exist is certainly not going to be approved by the authorities, or part of the Chain of Veneration. The closest you will get is Saint Osni the Penitent, the patron saint of Thieves Who Have Realised The Error of Their Ways, which I suspect isn't quite what you're after. Alternatively, there is at least one hero band whose job it is to steal holy texts and artefacts from outsiders and return them to the fold of the one true Church.

Plus, of course, there's a host of small common magic cults and rebellious guardian beings that don't really approve of the authorities.

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