RE: Re: Thief saints in Seshnela

From: Sam Elliot <samclau_at_qQ3OuFku9bzjXmORaeYeR4YNUTN8aekhmpKqy8vzrN7WLM8f4jKXw6Xhw8WmDJ7hJVkD>
Date: Tue, 8 Jan 2008 20:49:49 -0200

> I called it the "them and us" syndrome, and yes, it can be (an is) used
> to justify just about anything.

> When I say "The Church this... and that..." I always mean those are its
> objectives and desires, even dogmas. But not always the way things
> actually /are/.


Fine. We're on the same tracks then.

> 1. They can HeroQuest and discover who these guys really were, if they
> wished to.

Yes. I was thinking that too.

> 2. Reverence? The critical issue is Veneration, or actual worship.
> Thinking highly of someone is irrelevant compared to who someone gives
> their life force to. So I am going to assume you actually mean Venerate.

Yeah. When I left the UK, my English started a slow decline :) Besides, religion...never understood it really :)


p.s. Apropos of nothing, if you want to find a suitable partner here, you can get a figurine of a saint (I forget which one) and put him head down in a glass of water until he cooperates and finds you someone. That's not mainstream, mind.            

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