Re: Towers of Dara Happa

From: Jeff Richard <richaje_at_nOidaupM35QfJUSEv_5OXB2aTKPR3XrtJM4ELeX9iJUuZXFjsJqdFJwM1yJ9wrfSp5GU>
Date: Tue, 08 Jan 2008 21:12:57 -0000

> VERY cool.
> I had forgotten just how scary Shargrath and his followers are.

Shargash is a very very scary god. Nobody loves Shargash - they only fear him. Except the Alkothi of course. But they are descended from demons, don't you know?

> The image of Thubana is awesome... where did you guys find it?

>From the archives of Mirin's Cross, of course. :)

> Also, I'm pretty clueless about the Aldryami; how does building high
> towers appease them? Is it because it concentrates population, so
> more land can be given to them, or is it because towers have some
> association with trees because of their shape (thus creating groves),
> or something else?

Towers suggest trees. Building trees of stone were part of an ancient pact with the Aldryami that allowed them to survive the Darkness. Or maybe kept the Aldryami from destroying them.


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