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YGWV parental_unit_2 wrote:

> My player character is looking for a way to restore her fertility.
> (Surviving an impromptu Caesarian by a Humakti with a two-handed sword
> didn't work -- go figure.) The narrator thought that one way to do it
> would be to follow the path of Ernalda in the Lightbringer's Quest,
> and thought that something had been written about such as
> quest/ritual. Does anyone have a reference?

Ernalda was not on the Lightbringer's Quest. Her part in that was to motivate Orlanth (by being unavailable) and one or two times, help him on his way when all other hope was lost, and then be rescued.

I think that some other story is what you seek here. It seems to require: some healing of organs from permanent or severe damage, plus whatever collateral emotional/social damage that comes along; and/or the return of a woman's ability to bear children. Yes no? Anything else?

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