Re: A few Sartar questions

From: Andrew Solovay <asolovay_at_V7zIrYtuYvufgiuiJtME5KKP9eoww1ax9yqrgFX9ni32lNRDq7-qIUoQw1OE4b4h-hu>
Date: Wed, 9 Jan 2008 14:10:56 -0800

"valkoharja" <>
> [Greg]
>> Weapons, volunteers, money, refuge, but especially magical help is
>> likely. The HC has a lot of "large scale" magic that Sartar---and
>> certainly not the rebel agents--would not have. They could do things
>> like promise, "I will have enough power to levitate five hundred men
>> in this place on such a date, accessible only by priests of storm."
>> ...
> Wow! That's utterly cool. The magical strength of Belintar, focusing
> his "sixths" must indeed be very impressive, and the wealth will come
> in handy.

Though given that the anti-Lunar resistance is traditionalistic, they may be most uncomfortable with Pharaonic magic. A cartload of silver, sure, that's great, you can spend that on all kinds of useful things. But using *magic* that comes from the weird, seductive juju of the man-god... they might feel like that's making a deal with the devil. And if you're counting on Great Orlanth to help you preserve the Ancient Ways against those monstrous foreign innovations, well, maybe using foreign magic from the *south* (against the foreign magic from the north-west) will convince Great Orlanth that you're not serious about it, and make him sit the whole damned war out. Funny how the storm magic isn't working any more...

I can see the Sartarites using HC magic, but not being happy about it. ("Well, at least it isn't predark. I think.")            

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