Re: A few Sartar questions

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Date: Wed, 09 Jan 2008 21:56:33 -0000

[Adept, on agents of Belintar]
> > are looking into ways to help Sartar against the Empire.

> Weapons, volunteers, money, refuge, but especially magical help is
> likely. The HC has a lot of "large scale" magic that Sartar---and
> certainly not the rebel agents--would not have. They could do things
> like promise, "I will have enough power to levitate five hundred men
> in this place on such a date, accessible only by priests of storm."
> Or, "The Vulture-eagle house has told their birds to report anything
> that they see that looks like troop movement to anyone who is at
> such a place."

Wow! That's utterly cool. The magical strength of Belintar, focusing his "sixths" must indeed be very impressive, and the wealth will come in handy.

In a way one can see the Tarsh vs. Sartar war as a proxy was between the Holy Country and the Empire. Of course, in 1602 the Emperor marches personally against Sartar, so it's no wonder that Belintar's help isn't enough.

But that is so fascinating that I'll just have to play it out and see what happens :) When I read KoS, it seems that every thing that can go wrong for Salinarg and the Sartarites goes wrong. Presumably that could have gone the other way too, at least in the short term? (Though admittedly it's hard to see anything managing to stem the imperial forces for long.)


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