Re: Consequence when breaking the caste taboo's in rokari society

From: Gavain Sweetman <gavain.sweetman_at_yOVC7nFfJGABgqW-dgaXZcK2zZNJOckG81bK5utbGx08qE_sNoFFamZdn9W7>
Date: Mon, 14 Jan 2008 09:26:05 +0000 (GMT)


From: vesa.randelin

I've come to think the fact, that actually the peasant rebellions in our own world were rarely just peasant rebellions. There were quite often some one or some ones from the higher class behind the rebells. For example replaced king might have tried to get his crown back with the help of a peasant rebellion. Also peasant rebellions were often used as help for a noble to gain more power. So im that way peasants surely might have gained better weapons, even swords.

True, though there is probably an even bigger taboo in the higher classes against using peasants. You can't let the hungry masses know that they have the power to topple the establishment as they may well decide to do it !!


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