The star of Sheng Seleris? Extent of the Seleran Empire?

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Date: Sun, 13 Jan 2008 23:46:46 -0500

Namaste all:

I have a few questions about the stellar ascension of Sheng Seleris. I understand in 1444 ST the once Pentan warlord became a new star in the sky. Was this star in the same location as what is later called the "Dark Spot"? Did the Dark Spot have other associations before Sheng's ascension?

I presume that after Argrath releases Sheng, his star returns to the heavens?

How large was the Seleran Khanate, at its height? I know the horde shifted geographically between Kralorela and Teshnos in the East, and the Lunar Empire in the West.

Thanks in advance!
-S. Santo Sengupta

"Aum Shanti Shanti Shantih."            

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