Re: The star of Sheng Seleris? Extent of the Seleran Empire?

From: Peter Metcalfe <metcalph_at_tsXysUsefu8g-WEIIRTDH50Ka_AbHRh5nMg6qPeC9WtFQrnFeE3LTxXzL58i34zZFyh>
Date: Mon, 14 Jan 2008 22:49:29 +1300

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>I have a few questions about the stellar ascension of Sheng Seleris.
>I understand in 1444 ST the once Pentan warlord became a new star in
>the sky. Was this star in the same location as what is later called
>the "Dark Spot"? Did the Dark Spot have other associations before
>Sheng's ascension?

It existed before Sheng Seleris and is associated with Lodril in the Dara Happan star charts. Which indicates it's a little more powerful than a mere hero's star.

>How large was the Seleran Khanate, at its height? I know the horde
>shifted geographically between Kralorela and Teshnos in the East, and
>the Lunar Empire in the West.

At its height, it ruled Peloria and Kralorela at the same time. Teshnos is far less clear. The Empire never reached down into Prax or Dragon Pass and in Peloria, it was constrained by Carmania and Sylila. Some Praxians did fight alongside the Horde.

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