Re: The star of Sheng Seleris? Extent of the Seleran Empire?

From: jorganos <joe_at_Gd7mvCNeA4dD3IQXuis_WqDGbsSafP_xzNdV2mbK70WAbZ82lnf3SumsgQ9iX5cQYjdW7bBB>
Date: Mon, 14 Jan 2008 11:23:21 -0000

Santo Sengupta asked about Sheng's star. I wonder whether that was one of the Underworld (dark) stars...

> How large was the Seleran Khanate, at its height? I know the horde
> shifted geographically between Kralorela and Teshnos in the East, and
> the Lunar Empire in the West.

Nominally, Sheng commanded the Wastes, Pent, continental Kralorela, Teshnos and most of the Lunar Empire at the same time. I think it is safe to assume that he left disciples of his as diadochs wherever his horde went through, and while these may have failed (either to follow him, or to hold their assigned lands), I don't expect that the neighboring diadochs would have stood by.

In his first lifetime, Sheng had two major opponents, Godunya and the Red Emperor. Both were forced to retreat into their extreme holdings (Carmania, V, and both were supported by major heroes or minor deities (Kui Hui, HonEel, Yara Aranis) to overthrow Sheng's minions.            

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