Re: Good Tricksters, Hare?

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Date: Mon, 14 Jan 2008 10:58:52 -0800

YGWV Dan Guillou wrote:

> Regarding the exchange between parental_unit_2 and Greg, more
> specifically the bit where Greg goes:
> >All of them more than occasionally do good things (figure 25% good
> >things, 25% evil things, 25% meaningless things, and 25% stupid things,
> >about half of which hurt him).
> Can I get this again, even more clearly, if you're serious about it?

Are you taking my answer *literally*, that these are* precise quantifications* for ALL Tricksters in Glorantha? The rest of your question certainly seems to indicate this.

> I would have guessed that Gloranthan tricksters varied a lot in their
> malignancy. Real World comparison: Loki, to Coyote, to Hermes.

Of course.

I would be extremely curious to know what you calculate those three individuals' percentages of evil, meaningless, stupid and good things to be.

> I would
> also have guessed that pelorian tricksters, generally, would be more
> rotten, as a consequence of the solar guys' anal retentive obsession
> with order, no?

There are wide ranges of acceptability. As Trotsky said, to the uptight DHs everything that is not "good" for their upper class standards is bad. But if Carrot Man put a whoopee cushion on the Emperor's throne one time, do you think that the Lodrilites (90% of the population) would consider it to be bad? Yet the upper class would likely consider it evil, a capital offense, and chop Mr. Carrot up. (again).

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