Re: Darseni Girls

From: Mandacaru <samclau_at_h-jW38PNomFygEKi2prMFBUSiyrl4uSCMsmWEoUcr6-i8xe82780s5OjbH54b23X598c>
Date: Wed, 23 Jan 2008 19:31:42 -0000

That was my default option. As a soldier, it doesn't really matter anyway.

> Parasol fighting seems the sort of thing that noblewomen (or whatever
> the Darseni equivalent is) might have, although, even then, its
> probably not their most common weapon-of-choice. But, yeah, I can
> certainly envisage it.

It was just a silly discussion of this topic with Rory which led him to suggest this.

My original idea, back then, was some verbal badinage (sp?) thing...


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