Travel Narratives in Glorantha

From: gerakkag <gerakkag_at_LTL9tdueeVwcvnX4iiTt5ivsgHSkR4zDlD42RXzdUXku-PPZld8FuHINHLzKnccSwNX>
Date: Fri, 25 Jan 2008 00:02:47 -0000

Just posting this to the group for a friend. The more Gloranthaphilia in academia, the better. :D

I am a graduate student in history at the University of Illinois, and
a big fan of Glorantha!

Currently, I am working on a research project focusing on travel
narratives. My particular interest is the role of *fictional*
narratives of fictional places. What's neat about this is that
theories of how people create "symbolic space" in writing about "real"
places, have largely left out people "symbolically" creating spaces
about places that don't exist! (Academia, meet Biturian Varosh. :D)

I'd love to discuss this with people (either here, or via direct
e-mail). Are these consciously written to emulate travel narratives
people have read? What's the utility of these for creating "mood" and
world setting? Why do I see this when I'm reading RQ or HW books, but
see them less often in the AD&D group I game with? (Alas, no Glorantha
in rural Illinois. Dammit.) 

My thanks in advance for your help!

Anca Glont


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