EWF Draconised Theist Cults / Law and Order

From: Tom <elysia69_at_hmX70lZz97aVvMFfskZpOTX3vUzuyhSKzWq8F2cSQCECTH_3nDmlAVkPtqBb6feZiT1>
Date: Thu, 17 Jan 2008 14:34:46 -0000

Mr Group Approver can you please let this one through...:|

I've got three questions for the eminent minds on this board.

  1. I've been dazzled by the insights into my god Orlanth that Draconism has provided. My priest has carved scales on our altar and changed some of the words in our ceremonies. In RQ terms I continue to recharge my divine magic. Am I worshipping the same god and is he receiving my worship? During special services do we go to the same place in the God World?
  2. Obviously the entire empire doesn't get wiped out by "spirits" of reprisal. Does Orlanth mind, though? Does it change him?
  3. The EWF was an Orlanthi empire, though it becomes highly stratified by the 900s. Do basic ideas of justice still apply? Do I have the right to own my own property, to elect chiefs, to make litigation, to use traditional precedent and seek arbitration?

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