Re: EWF Draconised Theist Cults / Law and Order

From: Tom <elysia69_at_57VX-dUe63nXQSR2P-VDp4mRJICYszkZRgB_h6kM0h4S8QcZMp0m3b8dlD2--3GOpvY>
Date: Sun, 27 Jan 2008 02:27:24 -0000

Are we talking misapplied worship of some dragon entity in a theist manner with collateral worship to the Great Dragon To Come or misapplied worship of Orlanth in a mystic manner?

Pete Metcalfe suggests Orlanth is seduced by Arangorf. Is this Orlanth changed by changes in the habits of his worshippers or is it a hidden part of his myth that belongs on the "mystic plane"?

Sorry to get all metaphysical but it would be useful to know. I've gone all Wyrmfriend mad.

As far as justice is concerned:

A small town somewhere important in the EWF. Is it ruled by a theocracy that make decisions according to their subjective conception of Draconic Right Action or does it have the rule of law (written or unwritten)?

Please don't say somewhere in-between. Can you give me a feel for what justice is likely to be like say a complaint between a dragonspeaker and a draconised-but-basically-orlanthi cotter?            

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