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>- Who were his people?
>-Why did Beren leave wherever he came from and end up joining the
>Storm Tribe?
>- Did he come by riding/horse-ness 'honestly' by nature/descent, or
>did he 'steal' this from someone else? (If the latter, the same
>question applies to them)

Beren was a Hyaloring [see Storm Tribe], who were more a tribe of horse nomads more or less living in Saird [I think the map is in Glorious ReAscent of Yelm]. The Foreigner's Wedding brought him into the Vingkotling tribe. So I'm sure he got his riding honestly!

How worship of the bright majestic spirit of Beren's horse people turned into sacrifice to Elmal I'm less clear on, though of course things aren't really as simple as presented in the books. Perhaps there was always mixed worship, and it was merely a change of emphasis.

I imagine Beren is a peculiarly Vingkotling form of worshipping the Sun Horse, and you'd find something different in Vanch.


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