Re: Beren the Rider in the Lunar Provinces

From: Paul King <paul_at_M-Yjvg_uMpSe1JJk-shHG7qqzhLa8LU_ed2fm0mJZi5SsNX4-wVlGJOSed7UpQROX5rpMmd>
Date: Fri, 25 Jan 2008 20:02:48 +0000

The Vanchites have at least two religions that seem to be at least partially independent (one centering around Tunoral and one centering around Jajagappa - who may be part of the same pantheon).

Working on the unofficial (and quite possibly outdated or Gregged) information I have Elmal/Yelmalio etc is known as Khelmal in Imther
(and, therefore, maybe part of Vanch). However the Tunoraling people
seem to ignore his presence in their version of the Hill of Gold and Heliakal takes full control (instead of being a companion of Khelmal).
(Yurmalio is the Imtherien name for Eurmal which could lead to
interesting confusions !)

I can't find a reference to Beren or an equivalent in the obvious places. However Imtherian religion seems to be a mix of Solar, Orlanthi and Sairdite (?) religions so there might be some worship of Beren in places where horses are useful. Vanchite religion seems to be more Sairdite where it is not Orlanthi so I would think that Beren worshippers there are likely to be Orlanthi.

Tunoral or one of his kin might have sneaked a ride on a horse. There might be a Jajagappan cult that favours hunting from horseback - with hounds, of course.

(Sources used, Enclosure 2 and New Lolon Gospel 1)

Hope this helps. If not, there's so little official material on Vanch you aren't likely to run foul of anything Issaries or Moon Designs have published if you go with your own ideas. (Champions of the Red Moon has some info on Vanch beyond the little in ILH-1, but I think that's it, to date, and I don't know of anything else on the horizon).            

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