Re: Beren the Rider in the Lunar Provinces

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Date: Fri, 25 Jan 2008 19:36:04 -0000

So if you put this together with the location of Vanch, and Vanchite reputation for....borrowing, to be polite, I think it could be interesting.

For instance, and since your hero is looking for a Vanchite cult, what if Beren is originally from the original pantheon that the Vanchite's worshipped. Perhaps he gained his horse association through cleverness/trickery. Proud, he returned, and shared this with his kin. At least, he did until vengeful raiders came when he was gone, and killed most of his kin. He realized that to stay there would be to invite further woe to his people, so he left, looking for a stronger folk.

So he would still be 'the god who brought us horses and riding' but might also have associations with being cunning, and maybe some sense of exile. Or maybe it is one of his kin, who protected the last horses and re-built the herds in secret, and taught how to use them effectively in stealth, who gets the worship, while Beren is just a secondary character in that god's story.

Just some ideas.            

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