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> Tom wrote:

> Are we talking misapplied worship of some dragon entity in a theist
> manner with collateral worship to the Great Dragon To Come or
> misapplied worship of Orlanth in a mystic manner?

Without a concrete reference to date and place, this is impossible to answer. But I am certain that both of these, and whatever other variant you might imagine, occurred.

> Pete Metcalfe suggests Orlanth is seduced by Arangorf. Is this Orlanth
> changed by changes in the habits of his worshippers or is it a hidden
> part of his myth that belongs on the "mystic plane"?

Sorry for the draconic answer, but: both, or neither, or something else again.

> Sorry to get all metaphysical but it would be useful to know. I've
> gone all Wyrmfriend mad.

Oh my friend, you have only begun that path. Keep up this line of questioning and I will be sure to get you truly mad. J  

> As far as justice is concerned:
> A small town somewhere important in the EWF.

I will imagine, further, it is in (former) Orlanthi territory, and that it is a century or more since the local priesthood converted to some local form of draconic worship.

> Is it ruled by a theocracy

Yes, probably. The local Orlanthi and Ernalda temple, illuminated by draconic wisdom and insight, continue to guide the community through their good example on the clan ring.

> that make decisions according to their subjective conception

No, probably not subjective at all. It will be Orlanthi custom, modified by the local priesthood to include draconic insights. The precise nature of these will depend on the specific form of draconic worship (is it Orlanth the Dagon? Is it the Great Dragon Teacher? Is it the Inner Dragon of the Cosmos? Etc.) and the local history. What has caused the changes to be introduced? For example, maybe it began with feeding the community poor, whereupon the ring introduced the "one in fifteen" rule that grants that share to the Ring Leaders? Is it the "found laws," wherein all creatures, "lost to the owners for ten days and one are property of the chief Mother." Was it the "cult specificity action" that insists that "worshipers of the listed deities will quantify the portions of their gods, according to Jek's Consolidated List of Subcults."

> of Draconic Right Action or does it have the rule of law (written or
> unwritten)?

The rules of law are Orlanthi custom, as modified by local ordinances that "bring the people into harmony with the Draconic Way."  

> Please don't say somewhere in-between. Can you give me a feel for what
> justice is likely to be like say a complaint between a dragonspeaker
> and a draconised-but-basically-orlanthi cotter?

Hu, like everyplace else the cottar probably loses his claim because the dagonspeaker is of higher status and more important.

Or, in a different example that is more equal, to supply details necessary for a concrete answer: the dagonspeaker is a member of the local draconic cult who is trying to recover his daughter's dowry from a nearby clan that rejected her after her husband died. It is between clans, so they find a trusted intermediary---the traditional king's council. The lawspeakers from both clans discuss precedents in the law, and the arbitrator interprets these and interjects insights from the Draconic Lore, which are given precedence even over tradition. The Dragonspeaker and the Orlanthi worshipper who posit their own insights, and a ruling is made. New precedent is established. The Way is changed.

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