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>A small town somewhere important in the EWF. Is it ruled by a
>theocracy that make decisions according to their subjective conception
>of Draconic Right Action or does it have the rule of law (written or

Lhankor Mhy is pretty important in the EWF, so there would be at least some law. However, I think there would be at least two layers: the EWF-wide "Draconic Right Action" (probably written), and local law (probably unwritten, and of course varying by locale).

>Please don't say somewhere in-between. Can you give me a feel for what
>justice is likely to be like say a complaint between a dragonspeaker
>and a draconised-but-basically-orlanthi cotter?

Sadly, I think I have to say it depends on the theme of your game. In my current game, where the EWF are bad guys, the cottar would rely on traditional precedent, but be unfairly thwarted by a dragon mystic.

In the game I didn't run, true justice would come from the enlightened dragon priests, who knock down old social barriers that would have unfairly favored the thanes over the cottar.


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