Sacred Time in Teshnos and Vithela

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Namaste all.

Here's a bit something I wrote up for my campaign set in Teshnos and Vithela. It's a bit rough write now, but I figured I'd share it with people here and see if anyone had any interesting comments.

My ideas for Teshnos and Vithelans sacred time are a bit vague. At one point in pre-History, Teshnos *was* a part of the primeval paradisical continent known as Vithela, along with their neighbors Kralorela. The Vithelans call these lands in their myths Kerandaruth
- the northern islands that went missing after one of the Cosmic Wars.
 Of course, the Teshnans think that the Vithelans were bad proto Teshnans that became to chummy with non-fiery Gods, and got cut off from their brilliant Fiery wisdom. Again, like most things in Glorantha, it's a matter of opinion, and ones myths and beliefs have a great deal of import on what one experiences on the Other Side.

In Teshnos, Sacred Time is divided into two parts:
- the first week is dedicated to the Cults of Fuel. Festivals are
done to the Great Goddess, Kab Vanarana Sa, and her 900 daughters who are everything that can be experienced. It is somewhat of a "warm up" for the second week - one cannot greet the Fiery Forms without purifying the one's fuel to be consumed by the flame. A great deal of food and sacrifices are prepared in advance for Week two. For the less pious, it's a great time for feasting and parties. Notable goddesses honored include: Elesha, Mother of Animals, Perembesha, Mother of Elephants, Mairnali Har, Goddess of Compassion, Sera Veren, Goddess of Love, and lastly grim Furalor.

Saying "in Vithela" X happens is kind of silly, because each of the million jewels of god has their own unique twist on things. Most follow a format similar to this, but the Dreamer Isles have a different emphasis on things, let alone the Antigod isles.

-S. Santo Sengupta

"Aum Shanti Shanti Shantih."            

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