RE: Re: Oneage Spirits

From: Sam Elliot <samclau_at_-hGDCdj1-LDaNy16KMaeRpsMc038kLWQAMccBHW-O9JPX2FhPk5HoqmJWS1eKcMrdcS4>
Date: Sun, 27 Jan 2008 18:30:58 -0200

> Other than severe surgery/amputation, you can't be parted from your
> magic. Remember that the Amulet is required to perform magic (it's a
> combo Charm/Fetish/Talisman, so the only magic that doesn't need it
> are Feats/affinities), so not being parted from it is really useful.

I remember getting the impression from the Amulet bit that it was for feats too (in fact, for all non-Lunar-charm Lunar magic). That surprised me when I read it.

Do I misremember things?


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